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Adding a Enhance Server and Products

Enhance is a secure and infinitely scalable hosting control panel with powerful website, server and customer management tools.

Supported Features

Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate Change PackageChange PasswordClient Area Link

Create Custom Fields:

You will need to create 2 Custom Fields that will be needed for the Server Settings and the Product Group. To create these, go to Settings > Products > Custom Fields

Click on the Add Custom Field button.
For the name of the first custom field you can use Org Id (or a custom name if you choose).

On the next screen make sure the field type is a text field and that the only box checked is Admin Only.

Then click on Save.

Then repeat steps 1 through 4 creating Custom Fields for the Sub Id.

Add Server

Now you will need to configure the plugin in Clientexec's server section.

Go to Settings > Products > Servers. Now you need to add your Enhance server by clicking Add Server.

Add Server Menu

Field Name Description
Server NameFriendly name, How you will see it inside Clientexec.
HostnameThe hostname of the Enhance server.
Shared IPMain Server IP
Maximum # of AccountsSet this to 0(unlimited) unless limited by your Host.

Plugin Options:

Note: The last 2 options will require you to make Custom Fields. More information will be in the Create Custom Fields section above.

Field Name Description
Access TokenInput your Enhance Access Token here.
orgIdEnter your Enhance Organization ID here.
OrgId Custom FieldEnter the name of the package custom field that will hold the User Org Id we created above.
SubId Custom FieldEnter the name of the package custom field that will hold the User website subscription Id we created above.

Add Hosting Packages

Next step is that we need to allow your products to use the Enhance server we just created.

First we will make or edit a Product Group for your Enhance Products and include the Custom Fields we created earlier. To do this go to Settings > Products > Products.
To edit the existing Shared Web Hosting product group that is created by default to work with the Enhance Plugin, select the dropdown icon next to the name and click on the Edit Group link.

Feel free to edit the Product Group name and Description to better match your own services. Also make sure that it says Yes next to Include in Sign Up.
Click the empty field under Custom Fields and select the 2 Custom Fields that we created earlier, then click Submit.

To Add a new Product Group, also follow steps 3 and 4 above but also make sure that the Type is Hosting.

If you haven't already done so, please create your hosting products by following the steps listed here and then return here for step 6.
Next, click on the name of the first hosting product you will be using with the Enhance Server.

Now click on the Advanced & Plugin Settings tab.
Click the Associated Servers box, and choose the drop-down option that says Enhance or whatever title you put in the server name field.
For the Package Name, you need to enter it exactly how it appears in your Enhance panel.
Then save the Settings.

Repeat steps 6 through 10 for each additional Hosting Product you are using with the Enhance Plugin.

Updated on: 12/08/2023

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