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Adding a DirectAdmin Server and Products

DirectAdmin is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel.

Supported Features

Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate Change PackageChange PasswordClient Area Link

Get Started

First, you need to configure the plugin in Clientexec's server section.

Go to Settings > Products > Servers. Now you need to add your DirectAdmin server by clicking Add Server.

Add Server Menu

Field Name Description
Server NameFriendly name, How you will see it inside Clientexec.
HostnameEnter the hostname for your DirectAdmin server, example:
Shared IPYour server shared IP address.
Maximum # of AccountsSet this to 0(unlimited) unless limited by your Host.
NameserversNormally these will be your main domain's name servers.

Plugin Configuration:

Field Name Description
UsernameEnter your DirectAdmin username.
PasswordEnter your DirectAdmin password.
Failure EmailAnytime there is an error received from DirectAdmin, it will be sent to this email. (Ex. Username already taken!)
Use SSLRecommended, this will allow you to send all data with encryption.
PortIt is recommended you leave that at 2222.

Add Hosting Packages

Next step is that we need to allow your products to use the DirectAdmin server we just created.

In your ClientExec admin area, click: Settings > Product > Products.

Sort your list by the Product Group that will be using DirectAdmin.

Now choose the first product you will be using with DirectAdmin, Example: DirectAdmin Basic. This will be assuming you have setup your packages already.

Now click on the Advanced & Plugin Settings tab.

Click the box, and choose the drop-down option that says DirectAdmin or whatever title you put in the server name field.

Enter the Package Name as you set it up in your DirectAdmin.

If you wish to have the package created automatically after the Order Processor service has been ran, go back to the General Tab and check the "Automatically Activate package?" box.

Please keep in mind you will need to repeat the add packages process for each package that will be using the DirectAdmin server.


You need to have Login Keys enabled for SSO, you can check if yours are enabled using: (need root access)

[root@directadmin-test ~]# cat /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf | grep login_keys

if enabled it will return:


If it says 0, or doesn't show, then it's not enabled.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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