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Welcome Email Tags

You can edit your Welcome email templates at Settings > Company > Email Templates > Welcome Emails.

You can use the following tags when creating or editing a welcome email for your products:

Tag Description
[COMPANYNAME]Company name.
[COMPANYADDRESS]Company address.
[ACCOUNTINFORMATION]Includes Domain Name, Username, Password, IP.
[DOMAINNAME]** - Domain name without http://www.
[DOMAINPASSWORD]Domain Password.
[DOMAINIP]IP Address to Domain.
[COMPANYURL]URL to your web site.
[SUPPORTEMAIL]E-mail to support staff.
[FORGOTPASSWORDURL]URL to retrieve forgotten password.
[CLIENTNAME]Client's first and last name.
[CLIENTEMAIL]Client's Email.
[ORGANIZATION]Client's Organization.
[PLANNAME]Client's Plan.
[NAMESERVERS]Lists only hostnames.
[NAMESERVERSANDIPS]Lists both IPs and hostnames.
[SERVERSHAREDIP]Shared IP for server.
[CUSTOMPROFILE_xxxx]Where xxx is custom profile field name.
[CUSTOMPACKAGE_xxxx]Where xxx is custom package field name.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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