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How to Setup Support Piping

Email Pipe

Configure a routing rule inside Clientexec

On the admin side of Clientexec, click on Settings > Support > Routing

We will now create the rule of how the emails will be dealt with once passed through your Support Pipe. To give you a better understanding of how it works, when someone sends an email to a certain email address (depending on the rule you setup) it is forwarded to the SupportPipe.php script which then looks at your rules and directs the email from there based on the rules that apply.

Click on the Add Routing Rule button. Here is an example of a more common setup:

Onto the last tab, Actions, this tab will tell Clientexec what to do with the incoming email.

For this example, we will be using the Default autoresponder template, you can edit or add additional templates via Settings > Company > Email Templates > Autoresponder Emails (Drop down box on the right).

You can either have the email pipe just send an auto response back to the customer, or you can have it open a ticket up in the ticket support system by checking the Open Ticket? box. This will allow you to select from different options on how the ticket will be handled, you can leave the settings as they are default, or you can choose where/who it will be assigned to.

Once you hit Save, the rule will be completed and it will be on to create an Email Forward with your Control Panel. For this example, we will use cPanel.

Creating an email forward in cPanel

Once logged into cPanel, click on the Forwarders icon located under the EMAIL section.

Click on Add Forwarder. In the next image, only pay attention to the highlighted areas.

·        Address to Forward: You will need to do this for every email that you want to be piped to your Clientexec install, our example we used support

·        Make sure to click Advanced Options

·        Fill in the circle for Pipe to a Program: This is the relative path to SupportPipe.php, which can be found in Clientexec.

·        Click on Add forwarder button.

·        Ensure the file permission for SupportPipe.php are set to 755 which can be done inside the File Manager.

Once the forward is set, you should be able to send an email to the email you setup, in our case [email protected] and it will be piped through SupportPipe.php which will then apply the rules you have set inside Clientexec.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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