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Gmail accounts do work 100% with ClientExec for both sending e-mail and pop3 routing rules with the fetchticket service. The following is a quick guide to setting this up:

To create a rule, go to Settings > Support > Routing

Click the Add Routing Rule button.

Give the rule a name and change the request source to E-mail POP3 Fetching.

- The E-mail server hostname needs to be set to use: ssl://[](
- The E-mail server port should be set to use: 995
(For sending mail, it is ssl://[]( and port 465)
- Add your email address & password.

Change the User Type and Actions tabs if needed and then save.

If you are using both SMTP and POP routing then you need to change a configuration option in gmail, in order for CE to correctly parse the e-mails.

Under Settings, turn off "Conversation View".

By default, Google allows for "threaded" e-mails, which breaks the fetchticket service. Turning off Conversation View fixes the problem.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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