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FraudLabs Pro Setup

FraudLabs Pro is a fraud detection solution that helps merchants prevent payment fraud and minimize chargeback & losses. FraudLabs Pro performs fraud validation using elements such as geolocation, proxy, email, credit card, transaction velocity and others to identify fraudulent orders before payment is even made.

How To Activate:

Go to Settings > Plugins > Fraud and select FraudLabs Pro from the dropdown.
Set Enable to Yes.
Enter your FraudLabs Pro API key.

If you do not have a FraudLabs Pro key, you can register here and get one Free.

Using Rules To Block Orders:

FraudLabs Pro allows you to create rules that define conditions under which orders should be blocked and prevented from completing checkout. Orders will still be placed, but will be created with a status of Fraud, allowing you to manually review and decide whether to accept and allow the order to complete. For more information on this, click here.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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