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Edit Company Settings

In order to configure your Company Settings, navigate to Settings -> Company > General

Field Name Description
Login DisabledSelecting Enable will not allow users to access the client area. After login, they will be presented with the Login disabled system message.
Login disabled system messageThe message displayed to the user after login if Login Disabled is set to yes. The message will appear after login.
Company URLThe URL to your company's website; this does not have to contain the clientexec directory.
Company NameInsert your company's name. This will be what displays on the title bar and in emails.
Company AddressIf your company has a physical address or P.O. box, you should insert it here.
Application Error NotificationWhen Log Level 1 messages or catchable errors occur, an email with the error will be dispatched to the address(es) specified.
Custom Logout URLBy default, upon clicking log off, you are taken back to index.php. You can specify a custom URL (that can either link somewhere in your installation or not) that the client will be taken to upon logging out.
Show Execution TimeThe execution time of the page load will be displayed in the footer of every page.
Number of Announcements To Show On Main PageThe number of announcements to show on the main page of your Clientexec

Localization Settings

In order to configure your Localization Settings, navigate to Settings -> Company > Localization

Field Name Description
LanguageSelect the default language for your site.
Date FormatYou can select how you would like the date to format and appear on your site.
System TimezoneSet the timezone you [and your company] are in.
Default CountrySelect the country you [ and your company] reside in.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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