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Clientexec Affiliate Settings

In Clientexec version 6.6 we introduced a new Affiliate System. You can set up one-time and recurring commissions, percentage or flat fee structures, plus the days to mature and minimum withdrawal limits.

Enable Affiliate System

To enable your affiliate system go to Settings > Affiliates > General and select Yes for Affiliate System Enabled.

Other Options on this page:

Option Description
Length of Cookiesets the length of time your clientexec will remember a visitors cookie information.
Payout Daysthis sets the length of time after an affiliate commission is earned that your client has to wait for that payment to be eligible for release.
Minimum Withdrawalthis is the minimum amount of affiliate commissions your client needs to earn before they can request a payout.
Bonus Deposita bonus cash amount you are offering new clients when they signup to become an affiliate on your website.
Default Commission Structureyou can pay your clients a Percentage of the cost of the item your client sells through their affiliate link or pay a Flat Rate.
Default CommissionThis is the base rate for each affiliate signup. So for example, if you set it to 15 percent then your client will earn 15% of the price on each product purchased through their affiliate link.
Default Commission TypeRecurring Commission is mainly used on hosting products, your client will get a commission for each month that their affiliate pays for hosting. A One-Time Commission means they just get a single payout.
Automatically Activate Affiliate AccountIf enabled, affiliate accounts will be automatically activated. If not enabled, a staff member will be required to activate a clients affiliate account manually.
Payout Request DepartmentIs the support department that will a ticket will be open in when your Client requests an affiliate payout.
Email For AffiliatesIs the email address you will use to receive emails for affiliate actions.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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