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Auto Backup Clientexec Database

This will automatically generate a file with an SQL dump of your Clientexec database on a periodic basis, and deliver it to the location you set.

First ensure you set up the cron job on your cPanel, Directadmin or other panel. You can find those details here.
Next, go to Settings > Plugins > Automation Services and in the dropdown select CE Database Backup.

Select Yes for enabled in order to activate this feature. And go through the other options:

Field Name Description
Compress files with gzipOnly possible if you have the zlib extension in your PHP installation.
Encryption passwordEnter a password if you wish to encrypt the file, or else leave empty. The password MUST be exactly 24 characters long.
Deliver to remote FTP or SFTP accountTo send the files to a remote FTP or SFTP account enter the host and your credentials in the format ftp://username:[email protected]/subdirectory for FTP or sftp://username:[email protected]/subdirectory for SFTP SFTP is only possible if you have the ssh2 extension in your PHP installation
Deliver to local directoryTo save the files in a local directory accessible and writable by the web server, enter it's full path here.
Deliver to E-mail addressTo send the files as an E-mail attachment, enter the address here.

The current settings for the cron will run this every morning at 1:30am (confirm your settings with the picture:)

Click Update Settings.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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