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Adding A OpenSRS Hosted Email Server & Products

Grow your business with OpenSRS by reselling professional email, either bundled with existing services or standalone.

Get Started

First, you need to configure the plugin in Clientexec's server section.

Go to Settings > Products > Servers. Now you need to add your cPanel server by clicking Add Server.

Add Server Menu

Field Name Description
Server NameFriendly name, How you will see it inside ClientExec.
HostnameInput the hostname of your OpenSRS server.
UsernameYour OpenSRS hosted email username. (example: [email protected])
PasswordYour OpenSRS hosted email password.
ClusterEnter the cluster associated with your account (A, B, Test).
Email Domain Custom FieldThe custom field name for the email domain custom field you will use (see below).

Configuring Custom Field

Once you have set up a server, you will need to set up the one custom field. To do so, log into your Clientexec Admin Area and navigate to Settings > Products > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field.

Setup one custom field:

Email Domain:

Field Name: The name you set for the Email Domain Custom Field while setting up the server.
Field Type: Text Field
Is Required: Yes
Include in Signup: Yes

If you have not already done so, go back and add this to your Server settings.

Creating Products

Navigate to Settings > Products > Products.

Create a new Product Group for your Email Servers, and make sure the type is Hosting. Add the custom field you created to the product group.

Create a new product under your product group to sell Email Accounts, and make sure you tick Hide hosting custom fields.

You can set up the pricing terms that you want to offer.

Once you save changes, navigate to the Advanced & Plugin Settings tab and select your OpenSRS Email server and save.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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