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View A Client's Affiliate Earnings

To view the amount of Affiliate Commissions that your Clients have pending you check their profiles at Accounts > Clients > All Clients and then select the Client Account you want to review.

Then select the Affiliates tab.

Here you can view your clients:

Field Name Description
Affiliate LinkThe clients unique affiliate link to your site.
Statusshows you if this client is Pending, Approved, Cancelled or Declined for your Affiliate program.
Commission Typethis also allows you to change the commission type per client, different then the default setting.
Pending Commissionsthis is a commission earned that has not yet reached the 'Payout Days' you set in the Affiliate Settings
Approved Commissionsthese are affiliate commissions the client can request for withdrawl (once they reach your minimium withdrawal amount)
Payout Commissionsthese are commissions already paid out to your Client.
Total Clicksthe number of clicks on your clients unique affiliate link.
Total Salesnumber of sales made using your clients unique affiliate link.
Conversion Ratethe conversion rate refers to the percentage of conversions (sales) relative to the website traffic driven by the affiliates link.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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