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Setup WordPress Autoinstall

Maybe you offer a WordPress hosting package and would like to have WordPress automatically install on Client Accounts? This method is how you would do it using Clientexec and Softaculous.

First you need to create some Custom Fields. To do this navigate to Settings > Products > Custom Fields, then click the Add Custom Field button and in the Popup enter the name for the Custom Field (it can be called Script, System, Auto Install, whatever you want).

In the Product Custom Fields settings for Field Type select Dropdown and in the options value you can add WordPress (if you plan to add other auto-installed script options you can also add them here separated by a comma).

NOTE: In the options field also add the option NONE in the event the client does not want any of the scripts auto-installed.

You will also need to create new Custom Text Fields for Admin Username and Admin Password.

Next, go to Settings > Plugins > Snapins > Softaculous Auto Installer

Then enter the Custom Field names we created previously in the input boxes shown.

Click Update Settings.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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