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How Can I Change The Numbering Of My Invoices?

By default, when you install Clientexec, your invoice numbering will start at 1000. If you want to change this number you have a
couple of options.

Option 1:

If this is a fresh install or you currently have 0 invoices, you can go to Settings > Billing > General then for the input Invoice Start Number you can enter the number you want to use.

Option 2.

If you already have existing invoices then option 1 will not work for you. What you can do is adjust this setting with an SQL query. To do this go to Settings > Utilities > SQL Tool and using the following query:

ALTER TABLE invoice AUTO_INCREMENT = newStartingNumber

Change the newStartingNumber to the number you want to use.

IMPORTANT: This number must be HIGHER then your current highest invoice number. So if your last invoice number was 1020 for example then you will need to use a number higher then that like so:


Using that query, your next invoice generated would be Invoice number 5000.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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