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How to know if you have some domain passwords not encrypted when they are supposed to be, and how to fix them.

Go to Settings > Utilities > SQL Tools*
Use this query and press "SUBMIT QUERY"

SELECT `name`, `value`

FROM `setting`

WHERE `name` LIKE 'Domain Passwords are Encrypted';

SELECT CustomerID AS Customer_ID, id AS Package_ID, password AS Package_Password

FROM domains

ORDER BY password;

If 'Domain Passwords are Encrypted' value is 1, then your passwords must be encrypted.
Search in column Package_Password if there is any password that can be read (Those that seems to not be encrypted)
Create a list with all the not encrypted passwords
For each not encrypted passwords, go to the Side Bar, in SEARCh section,
and choose "All Users" with "UserID" like (the number in column Customer_ID)
In that user look in his Packages the one CE# where # is the value in the column Package_ID
(for example, if Package_ID is 20 then look for CE20)
inside package details, take a look in the "Password" section and if you can read it (seems to not be encrypted),
leave it unreplaced and continue with all the other passwords in your list ( pass 5) )

but if you can not read it, replace it with the value in the column Package_Password obtained in the query, press UPDATE,
and continue with all the other passwords in your list ( pass 5) )

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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