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Lost Administrator password

If you have lost your administrator password and are unable to retrive it via the "Forgot Password" tool follow the instructions below.

(Always backup your database before running any SQL command. Clientexec holds no responsibility for lost or damaged database information)

Login to your phpmyadmin.
To the left select the Clientexec Database created.
In the top tab, select the SQL tab.
In the input box put:

SELECT id FROM users where email='';

replace [email protected] with your admin email.

In the results, your userid will be shown under the id column (this is usually 100)

To the left select the Clientexec Database created.
Click the "user_customuserfields" table.
Search for the userid you got in step 5 (usually 100)
There will be a row with a value that starts with sha256: - Edit this row replace the content with:


This will reset your admin password to nE6cX3fA6yC8vI9f
Once you are able to log back in to the admin area you can then go and change your admin password to one of your choosing.

If you run into any difficulties you can open a Support ticket here or open a Live Chat.

Updated on: 02/03/2024

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