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File integrity, corruption or missing files

In your Clientexec installation, there is a file_integrity.php file that resides in the root /clientexec directory. If you view it in a browser, it will show if any files are corrupted or missing.

Example, checking file integrity:

If there are any problems, they will be listed as below:

File signup.php is corrupt
File install.php is missing
File templates/Raleigh/signup/signupheader.tpl is corrupt_
File templates/Raleigh/signup/include/boxsubmitback.tpl is corrupt

If you notice any files that are 'corrupt' or 'missing', the first action is to re-upload the files in question in binary mode. (Unless you have modified them.).

Always check this file first, even before submitting a ticket, as this will possibly save you a great deal of time in troubleshooting and getting your billing solution back online quickly.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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