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Google Blocking PDF Invoices?

This issue may effect PDF invoices for versions prior to Clientexec 6.7

If you find Google is blocking you from sending Clientexec PDF invoices, please do the following:

Using ftp or file manager go to your Clientexec directory, and then to /plugins/invoices/
Go to the folder for the pdf invoice you are using, either dickey, harouth or default-old (the issue is not present in the default pdf but if you based your custom pdf invoice on one of the first three you may need to edit that one as well).
Using the File Manager editor or your own text editor, open the file invoice.phtml
Search for:

echo "<a href='mailto:".$this->companyEmail."'>".$this->companyEmail."</a><br/>";

And replace with:

echo $this->companyEmail."<br>";

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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