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Creating Public Section Rule

This article will assist you in receiving notifications to your email when someone creates a ticket in the Public Section.

1. Go to Settings -> Support -> Routing
2. Add Routing Rule

3. Modify these settings:

Your Routing Rule Name (it can be anything)

Change the Request Source to Public Section [for this tutorial]

4. Select the User Type:

This setting is up to you. You will only receive email notifications from the groups you select. For example, if you select Registered, you will only receive email notifications when a Registered user submits a ticket via the Public Section.

5. Create the Action:

Set the Ticket Priority Level.

This is the Ticket Type the user selects. You cannot modify this.

Assign to:

You have various options here. You can assign it to Ticket type default assignee which will notify everyone in the department it is assigned to or you can have it set to a certain staff member so that they receive email notifications.

Send copy to:

Insert the email addresses that you want to be notified when a ticket is created via the set up routing method.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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