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Using an external support system

How do I change the Submit Ticket button to go to my external helpdesk and not CE one?

Navigate to clientexec/templates/common/views/home/indexpublic/main.phtml

On line 32 Change the a href= line below to point to your external helpdesk

<a href="index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=submitticket" class="support-box">

Navigate to clientexec/templates/common/views/home/indexpublic/dashboard.phtml and remove the code between lines 48-53


                <a href="index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=alltickets">

                    <?php echo $this->user->lang('Support Tickets'); ?>

                    <span class="nav-counter"><?php echo count($this->tickets); ?></span>



Next remove the code between lines 69-101

<?php if ( $this->user->hasPermission('support_view') ) { ?>

<h2><?php echo $this->user->lang('Open Support Tickets'); ?></h2>

<table class="table ce-table table-striped table-hover">


    <tr class="caption">

        <th align="center" width="70"><?php echo $this->user->lang('Ticket'); ?></th>

        <th><?php echo $this->user->lang('Subject'); ?></th>

        <th class="text-right"><?php echo $this->user->lang('Status'); ?></th>

        <?php foreach ($this->customCols as $label): ?>

            <th><?php echo $label ?></th>

        <?php endforeach ?>




    <?php foreach ($this->tickets as $ticket) { ?>


        <td align="center">#<?php echo $ticket['id']; ?></td>

        <td><a href='index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=ticket&id=<?php echo $ticket['id'];?>'><?php echo $this->escape($ticket['subject']) ?></a></td>

        <td class="text-right"><?php echo $ticket['ticketStatus']; ?></td>

        <?php foreach ($ticket['customfields'] as $value): ?>

            <td><?php echo $this->escape($value) ?></td>

        <?php endforeach ?>


    <?php } //ending foreach ?>

    <?php if (count($this->tickets) == 0) { ?>


        <td colspan="4" class="text-center"><?php echo $this->user->lang('There are currently no support tickets'); ?></td>


    <?php } ?>



<?php } ?>

You will need to change the same link to your new system in clientexec/templates/default/views/layoutpartials/topmenu.phtml and edit the links found on line 96 and 103

<li><a href="index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=alltickets&filter=all"><?php echo $this->user->lang("My tickets");?></a></li>

echo "<li><a href='index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=submitticket'>".$this->user->lang("Submit a request")."</a></li>";

Updated on: 25/02/2023

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