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You can use the knowledgebase in Clientexec to create a list of important information as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

You can access this feature at Support > Knowledge Base.


Before you can start adding articles you will need to create some categories to use.

To do this:

At the top of the Knowledge Base page in the admin area, next to the All Categories dropdown, click on the + button.

In the Category Window you can input the Category name, description and the order display number. You can also select if this category is for Staff Only.

Click Submit.

To edit an existing Category, just select the Category in the dropdown and click on the Edit button.


Articles are the pages that comprise the knowledge base.

To create an article:

click the Add New Article button.

In the Article Window you can add the various options for the article:

Field Name Description
TitleEnter the title of your article.
AuthorYou can change the author of the article.
CategorySelect the category that your article will appear in.
AccessThe access level required to view the article. Draft is used when creating. Public allows all visitors to view the article. Members Only allows only Registered Clients to view the article. Staff Only makes the article visible to only your staff.
SEO DescriptionA short description of your article for SEO purposes.
SEO KeywordsKeywords for your article. Separate by a comma.
ContentThis is where you enter your article content.
TagsEnter the tags you want to use for your article.
Designate this article as an FAQ entry.Will allow this article to appear as a FAQ on the Home Page.

Click on Submit.

To edit an existing Article, just click on its name and you can edit the fields.


Tags allow you to group articles across multiple categories that share a common theme.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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