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Virtualmin Overview

The Virtualmin server plugin allows Clientexec to automate the management of accounts within the Virtualmin Control Panel software.

Virtualmin support is included as of Clientexec 4.2.

Supported Functions

Create/Delete Virtual Server accounts [1]
Suspend/Unsuspend Virtual Server accounts [2]
Change username [3]
Change password
Change domain name
Change account package
Change IP Address
Assign Private IP Address [4]
(Items denoted with [#} see known issues)

Known Issues

You can only create parent Virtual Servers. If you would like to manage a customer's other Virtual Servers under a parent domain, you will need to do this manually. Otherwise create a new package for each domain you would like Clientexec to manage.
Suspend/Unsuspend support only works for the parent Virtual Server. If there are any Sub-Virtual Servers for the parent, they will not be suspended or unsuspended. This will have to be done manually. This is planned to be fixed in a future release of Clientexec.
Changing the username of a Virtual Server will not also change the group assigned to that user. This is a limitation of the Virtualmin API. A ticket has been submitted with the Virtualmin developers and a fix is being investigated for a future release of Virtualmin. If you must ensure that username and group are the same, please change the username via the Virtualmin GUI.
Currently, when you assign a Private IP Address to a domain via the API, Virtualmin will also bring the IP up on the NIC automatically. In the Web GUI, Virtualmin can be told not to do this, but can't be told not to do this via the API. Due to this, IP Addresses added to the Clientexec pool of IPs should not be manually brought up on the NIC manually before assigned to an account. Doing so will cause the plugin to error out and not assign the Private IP.


Add Package Addon support for Disk Space and Bandwidth upgrades.
Make suspend/unsuspend more robust and include Sub-Virtual Servers.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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