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Using User Status Alias to trigger Notification Rules

User Status Alias is located on Settings > Users > Status Aliases

The User Status Alias is just a way to have a different name for the existing statuses:


You can, for example, create some User Status Aliases been alias of the Active status.

Changing the status of an existing Client to one of the newly created User Status Aliases will not notify your client at all yet. However, you can then use our Notifications system, to automatically send emails or create support tickets to the respective users when they are on a certain status.

You can find them under: Accounts > Contact Users > Notifications

There, you will see 2 links:

Settings > Plugins > Automation Services > Auto Mailer: where you can configure the Notification Automation Service known as Auto Mailer, that you should configure to run to automatically send the E-mails or Tickets generated from your Notification rules. Please take into account that if you will be changing your clients status more than 1 time per day, then you will need to configure this service to run more times per day.
Settings > Company > Email Templates > Notification Emails: where you can configure the email templates that will be used by the Notifications rules.

After configuring the service and the templates, now you can create the respective Notification rules under: Accounts > Contact Users > Notifications


click on Add Notification.
set an Event Name.
select an Email Template from the ones you created previously.
select an Action, if you want to Send Email or Open Support Ticket.
go to Rules defining this notification.
check Build custom rule.
select User Status equals the Status Alias you need to trigger the notification.
click Submit button to create the new Notification rule.

Once done, when Auto Mailer runs, it will evaluate the Notification rules and do the respective Action you configured for them. Clients will not be notified twice while they continue matching the Notification rule, so if they continue in the same status, they are notified only one time. Once you change them to a new status, if the new status is matching a Notification rule, that rule will notify him/her, and will now be able to be notified with the previous Notification rule when he/she goes back to that previous status.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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