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How to add ID Protection as a domain addon

Domain ID Protection is available for eNom, OpenSRS and ResellerClub.

To bundle Domain ID Protection with your domain products, you will need to setup an Addon by going to Settings > Products > Addons and select to create a new Addon. You will want to place this in your domain product group, and you can assign it the name & description of your choice.

Next, under the Advanced Settings tab you'll need to choose the Plugin Variable called ID Protection.

Note: You will see that 1 will enable it, 0 will disable it. You will need these for the next step.

Under the pricing tab, you can select what options you want available.

Here, we are offering the option of not having ID Protection with the variable of 0 to disable it, and offering a 1 year price, with the variable of 1 to enable it.

Last, you will need to add the ID Protection Addon to the individual TLD's by editing the TLD product, click on the Addon tab and choose it from the list to add.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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