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Auto Domain Updater

The Domain Updater will check all active domains and update the internal expiration date of the domains. This date is used to send expiration notices among other things.

First ensure you set up the cron job on your cPanel, Directadmin or other panel. You can find those details here.
Next, go to Settings > Plugins > Automation Services and in the dropdown select Domain Updater.

Select Yes for enabled in order to activate this feature. And go through the other options:

Field Name Description
Sync Due DateWhen enabled, a domain will have its next due date updated to the expiration date at the registrar.
Cancel DomainsWhen enabled, a domain in Clientexec that does not exist at the registrar will be marked as cancelled.
Force RecurringWhen enabled, a domain will always have the recurring fee turned on and enabled.
Update Transfer StatusWhen enabled, Clientexec will check if a domain has been transfered and update internal values as needed.
Enable Renewal NotificationsWhen enabled, Clientexec will send out renewal notifications for domains that are expiring.
Days To Send Renewal NoticeEnter the number of days before a domain expires that Clientexec should send a renewal notification. Separate numbers with a comma.
Days To Send Expiration NoticeEnter the number of days after a domain expires that Clientexec should send an expiration notification. Separate numbers with a comma.
E-mail NotificationsIf domains are updated when this service is run, a summary E-mail will be sent to this address.

The current settings for the cron will run this daily at midnight (confirm your settings with the picture:)

Click Update Settings.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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