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How Can Clients Cancel a Package?

If your client asks how they can cancel their Hosting (or other service) package, here are the steps for them to follow:

First they would go to Packages > My Packages in the Client area.
Next to the Package they want to cancel they would click on the Clog icon under the Action table and click Cancel Package.

They would then fill out the reason for the Cancellation and under Cancellation Type select how soon they would like to cancel the package.

And that is it!

Admin Actions:

Once the Client submits their cancellation request, under Dashboard > Needs Your Attention you will see a pending cancellation request (or go to Accounts > Packages > Cancellations), and you can cancel their packages there.

If they pay with a Paypal Subscription, remember to to cancel that.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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