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Customer Sidebar

A helpful feature that is available with Clientexec is the Customer Sidebar. This is not to be confused with the plugins sidebar [which is on the left]. The customer sidebar is available when you are viewing a customer's profile, ticket, etc., and you click the profile icon at the top right of the screen.

Once you hover over the icon, you will see the Customer Sidebar appear.

The customer sidebar is packed with shortcut and informative features to benefit both you and your client.

The [first] mail icon will allow you to email the customer.

The [second] invoice icon will allow you to create an invoice.
The [third] ticket icon will create a support ticket, and it gives you a few options during the ticket creation.

The [fourth] notepad and pencil icon will add a staff-only visible note to the client's profile.

The [fifth and final] eyeball icon will allow you to see what the customer sees. It is called "View as Client".

The orange Profile icon will allow you to see the entire client's profile, including contact information, tickets, billing preferences, invoices, packages, and more. Below the Profile button are social icons. If social data ties with the client, you will see their social media icons linking to their social media profiles.

The Account Dates show when the account was created and when the last login was.

The Tickets area will show you the quantity of open and closed tickets the client has.

The Invoices area allows you to see the client's paid invoice amount, credit balance, paid and unpaid.

You can pin the customer sidebar in two ways:

Click the pin icon at the top right of the customer sidebar.
Navigate to your staff profile. Click My Preferences. Choose Pin the active customer on the right panel.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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