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Clientexec employs cookies to retain session information and save minimal data on the computers or devices of visitors.

Clientexec creates the following cookies when you use the client area:

Affiliate Cookie: Clientexec sets this cookie when an affiliate refers a customer to your CE. It stores the ID of the client (affiliate) that made the referral so that in the event that the customer places an order within the next 90 days, the affiliate receives credit for it. (Note: You can change the length of the cookie in the Clientexec dashboard at Settings > Affiliates > General > Length of Cookie.)

RememberMe Cookie: Clientexec uses this cookie to securely log a user back into their account. It is only set in the event that a client selects the remember me option to remember their login details. It is persistent and lasts for 365 days, or until logout.

Session Cookie: This Clientexec cookie is used to store the session id for each visitor and enables variables to pass between page loads. The client's browser will not store any personal information. This is a session-only cookie, and it expires as soon as you close the browser.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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