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Auto Delete Pending Clients/Users

This will automatically delete pending users after a set amount of days after creating their account but not confirming/approving it. It can also delete Cancelled and Fraud accounts as well. This helps to keep inactive Clients from accumulating in your Clientexec.

First ensure you set up the cron job on your cPanel, Directadmin or other panel. You can find those details here.
Next, go to Settings > Plugins > Automation Services and in the dropdown select Delete Pending Users.

Select Yes for enabled in order to activate this feature. And go through the other options:

Field Name Description
Also delete users with these statusesErases inactive, cancelled and/or fraud users after the amount of days selected with that status.
Amount of daysSet the amount of days before deleting a pending user from the system

The current settings for the cron will run this daily at 1:30 am (confirm your settings with the picture:)

Click Update Settings.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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