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Adding a Server Location Selector

In Clientexec you can now add a Server Location Selector to your products.

To get started, create a Location Custom Field Name, to do this go to your Clientexec Admin, Settings > Products > Custom Fields

Note: for step 4 the number in brackets represents the server id. You can see the server id by editing your server and the ID will be located at the end of the url

Click on the Add Custom Field Button.
Enter a name for the new custom field such as Server Location.
For Field Type set as Drop Down.
In the Options put the server locations. Example: United States(1), Europe(2)
Put checkmarks next to Is Required, Show in Admin Lists, Show in Portal Lists, Include in Identifier, Include in Signup.
Make sure 'All Product Groups' is unchecked.
Click on Save.

Next, we need to enable a Snapin. Go to Settings > Plugins > Snapins.

In the Dropdown, select Server Location Selector.
Select Yes for enabled.
For Location Custom Field Name put the name of the Custom Field you created above.
Click Update Settings.

Now to add this to your Hosting Products. Go to Settings > Products > Products.

Edit the Product Group you want the Server Location Selector to appear on.
Click on the input box for the Custom Fields and add the Server Location Selector custom field that you created earlier.
Click on Submit.


When setting up multiple servers per product for different locations, you need to set them up identically - with the same product names. You can add multiple servers to a single product. The number used in the Location bracket represents the server ID.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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