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Adding A Custom User Field

Are you looking to add an Custom Field to your Sign Up form? An example of a new field you might want to use is a How Did You Find Us input. Here is how you can do this:

Go to Settings > Users > Custom Fields.
Click the Add Custom Field button.
For the name enter How Did You Find Us or whatever you want it to say.

Fill out the form options.

Field Name Description
Field NameThis will be the name you entered in Step 3.
Field DescriptionYou can enter a brief description of what this field is for.
Field TypeYou can select the type of field you want to use. For our example we will use a Text Field. You could also use a Drop Down which will give you an extra line to add options into.
Regex ValidationYou can leave this blank.
Is RequiredDo you want to force Clients to fill out this option?

You can skip most of the other options with the exception of Include in Signup (if you want this to appear on your sign up form) as well the already checked options under Extra Information which will allow Clients and Staff to see this is Client profiles.

Click the Save button.

Your field will now appear!

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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