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What info do you need to install Clientexec for me?

In order for us to install Clientexec for you, we would need the following information:

FTP IP address
FTP Username/Password
Database Name
Datebase Username/Password (with full privileges)


Control panel address
Control panel Username/Password
Database Name
Datebase Username/Password (with full priviledges)


Full URL where you want Clientexec installed. (ex.
Administrator Email address
Administrator Password

If you provide Control Panel access, we can create the database for you and the username/password for the database.

Using a control panel such as cPanel, allows you to upload the entire zip file and extracting the files on the server. This not only allows for a faster upload, but prevents in most cases file corruption issues.

Please put this information in your ticket via the custom fields [in the members area].

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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