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Using and Applying Coupons in Clientexec

Coupons are a great way of convincing potential customers to try your product. Traditionally, they've often been used as a self-selecting mechanism allowing you the luxury of modifying the price only for those who need it. Chances are that someone who doesn't require the discount will not go searching for a coupon code – whereas a price sensitive individual might do just that. Properly executed, coupons are a valuable tool in the arsenal of any marketing manager. What's more, they can be inventoried and the resulting data can be used to improve the offering next year.

In addition, these coupons can be distributed across various marketing channels and this makes it easy to track the effectiveness of each. For example, you can provide one set of coupons to a certain website and another set elsewhere allowing you to determine the usefulness of each. You can experiment with various price points and coupon types giving you a feel for what works best in your industry. Finally, coupons can be made flexible enough to provide continuing discounts for a fixed number of months, or they can be stretched indefinitely. The uses of coupons for a marketing campaign is restricted only by our imagination.

Luckily, Clientexec has a simple workflow for coupon management. It takes only a couple of minutes to create a new coupon and customers can start using them immediately to obtain discounts on their shopping cart items. Here's how to execute them on Clientexec.

Creating Coupons with Clientexec

Log into your Clientexec admin area and go to Settings > Billing > Coupons

This will take you to a screen consisting of all the coupons you created so far. If you're entering it for the first time, the list will be empty. Click the "Add Coupon" button to be taken to the next screen.

Here you can start adding in the various coupon details. The name, description, and the quantity. In this test example, I'm creating a flat 50% discount coupon for Christmas. With 200 coupons and codes of "01724", I choose the "Percentage" option from the drop-down box.

When it comes to selecting the expiration date, keep in mind that you can create an infinitely valid coupon by simply leaving it blank. The "Recurring" option on the other hand allows you to influence the first few months of the billing cycle. This means that you can offer a customer three months of discounted service on a monthly plan. You can modify the duration of the recurring option by typing in the number of months you want it to be active for.

Every coupon you create will be specific to a certain package, so select the appropriate one from the drop-down box. In addition, you can also choose which billing cycles it should affect – with the option of choosing all of them.

Once a coupon is saved, it will be added to a list of un-archived coupons. From the screen, you can check the status of each and whether or not it is active. The arrow mark next to each item gives you quick information about each coupon.

Applying a Coupon

Applying a coupon in Clientexec is just as easy. When a customer initiates their checkout process after selecting the appropriate package, they will see an option to apply a coupon next to the total amount as shown below.

In the resulting pop-up box, type in the coupon code that you specified in the first step. For this example, I typed in "01724".

As you can see, a moment later the coupon is applied to the package cost. 50% has been deducted and the total value has been updated.

You can also configure coupons to have their effect before or after tax as per your requirements. The simple and effective workflow for both creation as well as application of coupons makes Clientexec an excellent marketing tool.

You can also set up your Products to automatically apply the coupon code. Read here for more information.

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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