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Customizing or adding a PDF invoice

Since Clientexec version 5.1 you can customize the PDF invoices as described bellow.

By default, we are including 3 templates:

- /plugins/invoices/default

- /plugins/invoices/dickey

- /plugins/invoices/harouth

Each template has the following files, that you can edit to meet your needs:

- invoice.phtml
- style.css

If you need to include the value of a user custom field, make sure to edit the file invoice.phtml and add there something like this:

        $customFieldName = 'custom field name';
        $customFieldValue = '';
        $this->user->getCustomFieldsValue($customFieldName, $customFieldValue);
        echo $this->user->lang($customFieldName).": ".$customFieldValue."<br>";

Make sure to replace custom field name with the name of the custom field you want to get the value.

You can also create your own templates by creating a new folder, such as:

- /plugins/invoices/newtemplatename/

Make sure your new folder also includes the 2 required files. You can start by adding a copy of those files from the default template.

Additionally, to add your own logo to the PDF invoices, make sure to upload the image logo (.jpg or .png) to:

- /images/invoicelogo.jpg, or
- /images/invoicelogo.png

Finally, to configure the default template to be used for the PDF invoices, please go to:

- Settings > Billing > Invoices > Invoice Template

Also you can configure which template will be used by each user. To do so, go to:

- Client Profile > Billing > Invoice PDF Template

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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