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Offline Payment Methods Configuration - Bank Transfer, Check and Money Order

In order to configure Offline Payment , navigate to Settings > Plugins > Payment Processors.

The following are offline payment options you can use: Bank Transfer, Check, and Money Order**.

Note: These plugins are not a real processor, but a placeholder for specifying customer billing types used for offline processing.

Field Name Description
In SignupEnabling this will allow the client to choose one of the Offline Payment methods.
One-Time PaymentsEnabling this will allow a client to submit a one time payment via the methods. Offline Payment methods.
Available in Profile Billing TabBy enabling this, admins can see the offline payment option in the client's "Billing" tab.
Invoice After SignupEnabling this will send an invoice to the customer after the order has been placed.
Signup NameChoose the name of the payment method, such as "Check" or "Money Order", "Bank Transfer," etc.

In order to add additional information required for the payment like bank name, swift code, receiver account number, etc, you can use the following fields. Go to: Settings > Billing > Invoices

There, you can fill these fields:

Field Name Description
Additional Notes For InvoicesAdditional information to provide for those clients that make payments via checks. This text will be provided as well in the PDF invoices if the field is not left blank.
Invoice FooterContent to add to the footer of your PDF invoices visible by your customer.
Invoice DisclaimerPrivacy disclaimer added to the bottom of invoices.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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