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Uploading Clientexec in Plesk

Once you have completed your purchase and verified your system requirements, it is time to begin the first step which is downloading and uploading your Clientexec installation. The following instructions are how to upload Clientexec to your website using Plesk. (For other options, click here.
Note: we are using Service Provider View for these instructions.

Download the latest release of Clientexec here.
Do not extract your .zip file.
In Plesk, navigate to Hosting Services > Domains and select the site you want to upload Plesk too.
Select File Manager.

If you are not already in it, navigate to the httpdocs directory (unless your home directory configuration is different.).
Select the + icon and then Upload File.

Once the upload is finished, click on it to extract and select OK.

Rename your directory if you would like by clicking the dropdown at the end of the newly created Clientexec folder and clicking Rename.

Now, your upload is complete. Navigate to It will automatically lead you to the installer.

Note: you can also delete the zip file.

Updated on: 24/06/2023

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