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Setting Up the Paypal Payment Plugin

In order to configure your PayPal plugin, navigate to Settings > Plugins > Payment Processors.

Click PayPal in the drop-down.

Supported Features:

One-Time PaymentsRecurringRefunds

There are various settings to configure, as you can see, and each has a description.

If you are utilizing PayPal, it is recommended to mark Yes next to In Signup so that your clients can pay with PayPal during the signup and payment process.

Other Options:

One-Time Payments: Select YES if you want to allow customers to make one-time payments through this payment processor.
Available in Profile Billing Tab: This plugin is available to admins in the user's profile billing tab.
User ID: The email used to identify you to PayPal.
Signup Name: Select the name to display in the signup process for this payment type. Example: eCheck or Credit Card.
Use PayPal Sandbox: This is for testing purposes. You will need a developer account.

Paypal Subscriptions Option:

- Please avoid using "Duration in months" in your recurring fees if you are planning to use Paypal Subscriptions. The subscription will be unlimited until manually canceled either by you, your client or Paypal if lack of funds, etc.
- Subscriptions will be created after a payment is completed by the client, as long as the invoice was paid before becoming overdue.
- Subscriptions will not be created if the invoice has prorated items, or with billing cycles greater than 5 years (Old API), or with billing cycles greater than 1 year (New API).

Image URL: The image url you want to appear for this payment processor.
Separate Taxes: Select YES if you want to pass amount and taxes separated to this payment processor.

For Help With The API Settings:

If you want to issue refunds through PayPal, you will need to follow the instructions in this article: How do I enable PayPal refunds?

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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