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Selling GoGet SSL Certificates

Clientexec comes included with the Plugin that lets you resell GoGet SSL Certificates to your Clients.

To get started go to Settings > Plugins > SSL, then in the dropdown select GoGetSSL and fill out the information.

Field Name Description
Use testing serverThis is helpful for testing your settings. No actual transactions are processed.
LoginEnter your GoGet Username.
PasswordEnter your GoGet Password.

Then fill out the Tech info for your company.

Once you have the settings saved, go to Settings > Products and you can add products to your SSL Certificates product group (if you do not have an SSL Certificates Product group then you can add one here).

To Add an SSL Product:

Under your SSL Certificates Product Group click on the red button that states 'No products available - click to add your first product to this product group'

Fill out the information the form.

Field Name Description
Product NameThe name of the SSL certificate.
Signup OrderThis would be the order this product appears on the order page (you do not need to modify this).
Welcome EmailThe welcome email sent to Clients that purchase this SSL Certificate.
DescriptionThe description of your product.
Allow Direct LinkThis allows clients to use a direct link to order this SSL Certificate (by passing the first pages of the order form).
Show in signup formThis will allow this product to appear on your Order form.
Sent Welcome EmailThis will send the welcome email to clients that order this product.
Automatically Activate Package?This will automatically process the order on payment, keep un-clicked for manual processing. You must also enable the Order Processor automation service to allow this package to be automatically created.
Open TicketThis will open a new support ticket when this product is ordered.

Click Save Changes.
Once saved you will see new tabs appear. Click on the Advanced & Plugin Settings.
Select the SSL Registrar (in this case it would be GoGetSSL).
Select the SSL Product you are reselling for this Product then click Save.
Next go to the Pricing tab and enter the Pricing you are selling this for. (This is not the GoGet price, this is your price). Remember to check the Allow in signup option or it will not appear on the orderform. Then Save.
Go back to the Product List and repeat this process for each GoGet SSL Certificate you wish to resell.

Once you add SSL Certificates you will also be able to go back and edit your hosting products to include SSL's as part of a bundle.

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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