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Migrate Client Credit Card Accounts to Stripe Checkout

If you have been accepting Credit Cards offline or using another method and are looking to transfer your Clients Credit Cards to use Stripe Checkout, follow this guide.

The credit card number and expiration month and year of the customers using the selected payment methods will be migrated to an account in Stripe Checkout.

WARNING: Before trying to run this migration, please follow these steps:

Login to your Stripe Dashboard
Go to Settings > Compliance and reporting > Integration
Click on Show advanced options.
Enable Handle card information directly.
Now, you should be ready to the migration.
When done, please repeat the steps to disable Handle card information directly.

In Clientexec go to Reports > Diagnostics > Migrate Payment Method > Migrate CC Accounts to Stripe Checkout

From here you can enter the Passphrase and Payment Method you are transferring from.

You can learn more about Passphrase here.

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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