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Manually Adding a Package to an Account.

If you are trying to manually add a package to a client's account, please follow these steps and guidelines:

First, please realize that you must:

- Have billing configured for the package
- Mark the account/package as Active
- Generate the invoice
- Send Welcome Email

Here is an overview of how to do this:

Go to Accounts -> Clients. Select the client whom you wish to add the package to.

Under the customer's account, click " Packages".

Click " Add Package".

After you selected the plan group and product, click " Submit". Click the package, and now configure the " Billing" tab.

Activate the Package by going to Accounts -> Pending Orders.

Now that you have done that, you should Process the Invoice(s). Go to Billing -> Process Invoices. Click " Create Invoices".

Now, go back to the client's profile, click the " Invoices" tab. Send the invoice (you can customize payment options via their " Billing" tab). Once it is Paid , go to the package view, click the check box, and click " Send Welcome Email".

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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