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LinkPoint Configuration

In order to configure LinkPoint (YourPay), navigate to Settings > Plugins > Payment Processors.

Store - Enter the name of your LinkPoint store.

Host - Verify that your host is

Port - The LinkPoint port should be 1129.

Cert - Your LinkPoint .pem certificate file can be downloaded by logging into your LinkPoint account as an administrator. Click the Support tab, then choose Download Center. Click Download Now under Store CERT Files. Be sure to choose the API option so that it gives you the .pem file. Upload the file to a directory on your server, then provide the appropriate navigation path to it (ex. /billing/certs/linkpoint.pem).

Live - Disabling this will not allow for live transactions. The payment processor will be in demo mode (Note: In order for transactions to be approved in demo mode, enable Demo Approve).

You can individually enable or disable which types of credit cards your payment processor will accept. By default, this payment processor will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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