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Clientexec has a rich invoice system with many features you may not have known about. You may have configured your products to automatically take care of your invoicing for you, but the invoicing system also has complete manual control which allows you for complete freedom in means of what you can invoice to your clients [besides your offered products].

The Invoicing system has a plethora of features:

- Merge on next recurring invoice & merge into another invoice
- Late Fees
- Provide quotes to your clients by sending a Draft invoice
- Add notes in invoice for client to see
- Apply Credit to Invoice(s)
- Transactions and Events log

Below, you will see an invoice being created with many of the features above being utilized.

In order to create an invoice, navigate to the client's profile, click the Invoices tab, and click Add Invoice. You can also do this in the customer sidebar by clicking the icon you see below.

Drafting allows you to make quotes to your clients. You can click the Draft button in order to active the draft mode. You also have the ability to send the draft to the customer where they can review and pay the invoice. Be sure to Save Changes after each change you make.

Clicking Add Line will present you with the Type of service you are invoicing. You can customize these types by navigating to Settings > Billing > Billing Types.

Once you have selected a type, you will see that the pricing and tax options becomes available. You may simply insert the price, and the rest of the fields will populate. You can now click Save Changes , and more options will appear.

Clientexec offers two merging options through the invoicing system:

- One of the beneficial features of the system is the Merge on Next Recurring Invoice feature. This feature will allow you to merge the services in the invoice you are working on to the client's next recurring invoice. For instance, if a client has a web hosting plan [on a recurring invoice], they receive an invoice every month. If sometime during that month a client requests a service, such as Cloudflare setup, you can create an invoice, click Merge on Next Recurring Invoice , and the next [recurring] invoice will show the service (Cloudflare) and add it to the recurred service (web hosting). You must click Draft in order to see and utilize this merge feature. Click Save Changes once you the invoice is ready. It will remain in draft mode until it is added to the recurring invoice; therefore, you can edit it up until it merges. NOTE : If the recurring invoice is through PayPal subscriptions, you cannot perform a merge.

- Another Merge feature will allow you to merge invoices together if they are not recurring. In order to merge standard, non-recurring invoices together, navigate to the client's profile, click the Invoices tab. Click the two or more invoices you would like to merge, then click the Merge button as shown below. You can also do this by clicking the gear icon next to a service in the invoice, and click " Merge Into Invoice".

Clicking on an individual service in the invoice will result in a gear icon appearing which will give you three options.

- Merge Into Invoice - This feature will move the service to the invoice you select.
- Split Entry - This feature will create a new invoice with the service you selected
- Delete Entry - This will delete the individual service you have selected.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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