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How to configure addon prices

Addons configuration have changed a bit. When configuring an addon, please take in mind:

- _If the addon option will just charge a price one time, set it in setup even if price is 0.00 (if the addon option will be free, like None option). Do not place any other prices in the billing cycles and do not mark any billing cycle as Force .

- If you want the customer to see the addon option in every invoice even if free (Price 0.00) then add the price in the respective billing cycle of the addon. This will create a recurring fee for that billing cycle.

- As there is no **One Time** cycle option in the addons configuration, then when placing a new order in signup with a package using a **One Time** price, the addon option will be available if only has a **setup** price or if it has a billing cycle marked as **Force**. Otherwise, if you set a price for every billing cycle (none of them marked as **Force** ) and even if set a **setup** price, if the package billing cycle is **One Time** then the addon option will not be available because there will be no addon billing cycles matching it.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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