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How do I register domains using the Realtime Register plugin?

To activate and begin using the Realtime Register registrar module in Clientexec:

Go into your ClientExec installation.
Navigate to Settings > Plugins > Registrars.
Choose the Realtime Register dropdown option.
Insert your Realtime Register Dealer Username, Password, Contact Handle, NS Settings and Phone Handle.

RegisterTransfer Renew Domain SyncPricing SyncRegistrar Lock

You may configure the TLD (Top Level Domain) by:

Settings > Products > Products.
Click Domain (Domain) or whichever your domain group is.
Click Add New Product.
Insert the TLD (example: com).
Check which options suit you.
Click Save Changes.
You will now see more tabs where you should configure the Price, etc.
Navigate to the Advanced & Plugin Settings.
Select Realtime Register in the dropdown. (The options below can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.).

Supported Features:

TLD Lookup
Domain Registration
Get / Set Auto Renew Status
Get / Set Contact Information
Get Registrar Lock
Send Transfer Key

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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