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How do I register domains using the Name.Com plugin?

To activate and begin using the Name.Com registrar module in Clientexec:

Go into your ClientExec installation.
Navigate to Settings > Plugins > Registrars.
Choose the Name.Com dropdown option.
Insert your Name.Com Username and API Token.

RegisterTransfer Renew Domain SyncPricing SyncRegistrar Lock

You may configure the TLD (Top Level Domain) by:

Settings > Products > Products.
Click Domain (Domain) or whichever your domain group is.
Click Add New Product.
Insert the TLD (example: com).
Check which options suit you.
Click Save Changes.
You will now see more tabs where you should configure the Price, etc.
Navigate to the Advanced & Plugin Settings.
Select Name.Com in the dropdown. (The options below can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.).

Supported Features:

TLD Lookup
Domain Registration
Existing Domain Importing
Get / Set Auto Renew Status
Get / Set Nameserver Records
Get / Set Contact Information
Get / Set Registrar Lock
Initiate Domain Transfer
Automatically Renew Domain
Retrieve EPP Code

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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