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Create a Custom Currency

In order to add a currency, you can go to Settings > Billing > Currencies > Add Currency.

You will notice that the customization is limited to the currency's name and a code. This tutorial will allow you to have more customization in creating your currency.

Please backup your database before continuing.

Navigate to PHPMyAdmin.

Please select your database on the left. Please note that your database name will be different depending on the database name you created for your installation.

Now that you are in your database, you will see a series of tables on the left. Select the one that says currency.

Click Show All.

Click Insert at the top of the page. You should now see this:

Field explanations :

Do not worry about the Function drop-down field.

id = identifier of the currency on the application. Autoassigned. You do not need to insert anything.
name = The title of the currency
symbol = Symbol to be shown by the currency, such as $
decimalssep = Character used to separate decimals. For example, when your currency uses cents, etc.
thousandssep = Character used to separate thousands amount (every 3 digits before the decimal separator).
abrv = ISO code for the currency. It must be 3 upper-case letters.
alignment = The position where to display the currency symbol. right or left
precision = Amount of decimals managed by the currency. For example, if it uses cents, then it has a precision of 2 (2 decimals)
rate = Currency rate based on the default currency. This is currently not in use. Set value to 1
enabled = enabled ( 1 ) or disabled ( 0 ) currency. If disabled, will not be shown on the currency list of currencies.

Make sure everything is filled out that needs to be. Example:

Click Go.

Your currency should now be added.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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