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Clientexec Log Rotation

Under full logging level, the log file size can grow very fast. Under common Linux installations the size limit for a file is 2 Gigabytes. When the log file attains that size, CE will get locked.

To deal with this situation you can have the log be automatically rotated with Linux's logrotate utility.

Setting this up is dead-simple. Create a file called "clientexec", located under /etc/logrotate.d/ with the following contents:

# Logrotate file for ClientExec
/location/of/your/logfile {
        rotate 5
        create 0666 nobody nobody

Replace the location of your log file, and tune the rest of the settings. In this example, the log will be rotated every time it reaches a size of 1500 Megabytes, keeping the last 5 log files compressed. The fresh empty log files will be created with the permissions bitmask 666, with the username and group nobody.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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